Dietetic Care Services

Helping You Achieve Better Health

What can we do for you?

One on One or Group Consultations
Each consultation involves dietary assessment, feedback and specific dietary advice to help you achieve your goals and attain special needs in health and/or in sport.

Clinical Services
Consultants are available to provide services to hospitals, aged care facilities and other care facilities on an ongoing or as required basis. Services include implementation of nutrition interventions, developments of policies & procedures and other pre-requisites for accreditation.

Menu Development and/or Review
Our Consultants can assist you in developing and assessing menus for your restaurant, café, hospital or other institution. Recipe analysis, special dietary needs and identification of potential allergens are examples of some of the services we provide.

Education Sessions
Individually tailored education sessions for your workplace, interest group, sporting team or institution. Sessions can range from 20 minutes to several day workshops.

Label Reading Workshops and Supermarket Tours
These practical sessions will empower you to make informed decisions when purchasing food and beverages.

Cooking demonstrations/Workshops
Observe and assist our consultants in the preparation of quick and nutritious meals. Note - participation in food preparation is optional.

Healthy Canteens
Our nutrition experts can help to ensure that your school or workplace canteen offers a great range of healthy food and beverages to assist with optimal nutrition, concentration and performance.

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